The Powerful HumidAir Cooler Purifier


Freeze your Face Off by up to 18°C/32.4°F!


HICOOLER® M3 is the Ultimate Solution for Staying Cool and Breathing Clean in Hot and Polluted Environments


Outstanding Cooling Performance Anywhere - Indoor or Outdoor, dropping huge values 18°C (32.4°F) in air temperature.


Superior Pollution Control by Fog and Dust Filter - fresh air, dust-free, pollen-free  for healthy and easy breathing.


Totally Personal Mobile and Multi-use  - Handheld, Hanging Up, Cup Holder, Neck-wear, Desktop, new adapters are undergoing development


Weight is like Nothing - less than a Bottle Water 500ml.

Negligible Running Cost and Maintenance Cost - free cooling and free air purifying, the more you use, the more you save.


Zero Emission for CO2, CO, Hot Air - no worry of Carbon Monoxide Toxic or Global Warming Issue, excellent for long-term use in a car without concerns about carbon monoxide toxicity.


Design and Test for Toughest Situation - outdoor environment always uncertain, unexpected rain shower may pour down, it is water-proof.

using with neckwear 360 adapter

To enhance confort for

outdoor activities in hot summer

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